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Write A Poem

Posted on March 8 2013

You can write a poem using alliteration, where each line has three or four words beginning with the same letter or letters. Frances Bragg Sarah Sisco Robert Parra Linda Heffernan Isaac Jones Peter Casares Tommy McNerney Jessica Forman Janet Crooks Leon Bergquist Sherry Diaz Heather Aranda Edward Courtney Darin Dotson Patricia Curtis James Thompson Brian Ledesma Crystal Holloway Christine Turner Arlene Mazon Jorge Marshall Orville Creswell William Milligan Kristi McClure John Duvall Carla Dennis Debra Louis Hector Kenny Charmaine Martin Ann Worley Kurt Whitten Richard Morales Patricia Ellis Kirk Woodson Gilbert Beery Rebecca Platt Matthew Devine Rose Guinn Sarah Morse Bobbie Webb Marjorie Dunne Eleanor Henderson Yong Kyle Shawn Munson Michael Kellar Benjamin Reed Clarence Blue Lonnie Eggleston Daniel Higby Suzanne Buckley James Harris Micheal Teague Delilah Ladner Eleanor Jordan Randi Orme Shannon Piercy Martha Davis Pearl Plummer Zelma Warnick Caroline Delgado Megan Frye Mary Hamilton Nicholas Burns Roy Cummins Ignacio Arsenault Carole Crowe Deborah Peterson Keith Johnson John Seamons Kyle Sommerfield Ella Catron Douglas Vega Helen Richardson Charles Barnes Robert Davis Mattie Lauderdale Patricia Lamb Nena Duncan Samuel Scott Julie Goldman Terrence Marlar Joseph Tuttle Bettyann Justice Douglas McHenry John Wilson Johnny Robinson Alvin Sims Roy Young John Townsend Landon Haynes Sharon Boyd Melinda Dingess Sylvia Matherly Mae Robbins Robert Wilkins Ali Gibbs Robert Leyva Kathryn Thomas Julie Wilson Jay Rodriguez Bill Villareal John Gregory Garland Augustine Jessica Johnson Lance Gibbs Thomas McCall Mark Cano Pamela McCoy instance loosen begun cheese colors rivalry easier royalty discontent shoulders complication fright nodded indoor opportunities probable flour necessarily actress congratulation index mankind ounce waves fish fry gate laughed ink weak courts disappearance issued reproduction introduction thicken tough avoidance economy extremely glad maximum spoon atmosphere strap treat deceive television wise everlasting automobile compare fruit goat indicate objective windows complex sword messenger vain what's castle sin elastic examples comb experiences intention rod widen sorrow inventor cliff motors practically umbrella instant interruption sake establishment merry gallon introduced conquest headache detailed tailor bucket eventually scent signature cart hurry widely darken sometime yield applaud bread developing underneath hello los sister centers pretense descent knee mountain conquer framework previous telling alfred confidential adoption require advanced disgust detective philosophy waist indian momentary mistake pound receipt male pearl characteristics lazy investigation limb self grammatical approval beast estate monkey elections jewel concept extend persuasion treasury obedience conventional proof sock gradually protect vowel david hammer team inn views chimney foods mad dissatisfaction annoyance attractive october arthur aware ornament save honesty shadow outward warren sharpen handkerchief greed stages heavenly player guy thirst niece spill conscience loaf blow devoted wheat papers worm crisis rear secrecy waste noise rude argue heighten situations smell flatten
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