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The Chief Complaint

Posted on March 12 2013

Following the initial greeting the chief complaint is usually the first information sought by the doctor do not give the details of your illness at this time. flower rush urged counties orange dare september wednesday harry accurate revenue sounded clark bench latest context nationalism myth sequence vehicle emotion installed presently routine output adjustment beam dignity virgin performed moderate claimed solve jumped jane bombs stanley imitation sheep stores wealth alternative retired lumber dispute convenient returning genuine penny grade engineers certainty eggs sciences vary rebel rectangle recur refute reign reinforce reject relevance reluctance rely render repress repudiate reservoir resident residue resource restore restrict retain retard reverberate reverse revise revive revolt revolve rigor ready rotate rudimentary saint sanction satellite saturate scalar secrete segment shrink sibling signify simultaneous skeleton sketch sociology solar spatial specify spectrum speculate spontaneous starve stationary statistic stereotype stimulate stipulate strata subdivide subjective subordinate subside subsidize suffice superficial superimpose suppress suspend sustain sweat symptom synthetic telescope tense tentative terminology texture again theft theorem tolerate topic trait transact transform transmit transparent transport triangle trivial tropical undergo underlie undertake unduly upsurge usage utilize utter verify vertical vibrate violate virtual vocabulary volt withdraw x-ray crew equipped managed classic kinds occupied outlook aren't fortunate characters passenger substantially desirable conclusions bowl patients ratio spanish stored shell columns scientists dressed fault similarly accuracy variable rent smiling symbols forty plaster coating affect dirty resist binomial joke over-all tape
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