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Systematic Relationship

Posted on March 11 2013

Indeed, studies reveal no systematic relationship between a country's average level of tariff and non-tariff barriers and its subsequent economic growth rate. enrich ensure entity enumerate episode equate equidistant equilibrium evaluate evaporate eventual evoke evolve exclude execute exert exhaust expand expel exploit graph gravity guarantee hemisphere heredity hierarchy homogeneous exponent export expose extract facilitate faction fallacy fare feasible fertile finite fluctuate fluent forgo formulate fossil fragment fraternal fraud friction frustrate fuel fulfill fuse generate geography geometry germ arithmetic arouse ascribe aspiration assemble assent assert assess asset assign assimilate attach attribute auspices authorize avail averse battery biology breed bubble bulk bureaucracy cancel capture catalogue cater cease channel circulate circumstance clarify client clinic coefficient cogent coincide collapse collide colloquial commit commodity commune communicate compel compensate competence comply console construct construe consult consume contaminate contemplate contend compound comprehend comprise compulsion compute conceive concentrate concentric conclude condense confer configuration confine conform confront conjunction consent consequent conserve consist continent contingent contradict convene converge converse convert cooperate coordinate correlate correspond credible creditor criterion cumbersome currency cylinder decimal dedicate defect defer deficient deflect degenerate degrade deliberate denominator denote dictate diffuse digest dimension discern discourse discrete dispense disperse displace dense depress deprive derive detect detriment deviate devise devote diagram dispose dissipate dissolve distort distribute diverge diverse dominate drain drastic duration edit elevate elicit eloquent emancipate embody embrace emerge enhance enlighten
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